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Our team is here to make life easier for your team

We're proud to help HR leaders, like you, to help your employees love their benefits. We offer relief for overloaded HR teams and help modernize and improve your benefits communications.

Our people AND technology make working with us a breeze.

Your life before Flimp:

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Your life after Flimp:

Results minded, budget friendly

From building a strategy around your benefits communication program to developing the content, distributing it, and guiding employees to making better decisions, we’re there with you each step of the way.


We create custom campaigns quickly and affordably that drive engagement. We make it seamless, serving as an extension of your team and are always here to help. 

Our core values

At Flimp, we check our own egos at the door. Everything we do is built around helping you look great and ensuring you accomplish your goals. Whether you’re getting the word out about new benefits during open enrollment, educating new hires on options for HDHPs or FSAs, improving employee wellness, or trying to reach a mobile or deskless workforce—we're here behind the scenes to help you do your job better.

Be flexible

We understand that, to be successful, we have to move with you and rise up to meet your needs. As changes happen, we adapt and persevere. We rarely say no.

Build trust

We’re committed to transparency. Whether you’re working with our sales team, production team, or leadership, we pride ourselves on never selling something that doesn’t make sense for our clients or delivering something we don’t believe in. We also take pride in our privacy and compliance practices to ensure our solutions are built with the security and protection our clients require. Integrity above all else.


Measure success

We’re dedicated to ensuring your campaigns hit the mark and you have the engagement data you need to make better benefits decisions and investments. You can’t have a winning benefits communication program without measuring results.

Make it personal

We pride ourselves on our customer service and make our work personal. Our renewal rate with clients is over 80% and the reason is our personal attention, creative approach, and dedication to our customers.

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Create a win for everyone

Use Flimp’s tools and content to custom-build a communications program that helps employees choose, use, and love their benefits.

HR teams get smarter, easier ways to communicate about benefits.

Companies spend less on benefits and make employees happier.

Employees get the info they need to choose and use benefits intelligently.

Brokers develop client campaigns more smoothly with Flimp’s one-stop shop.


average engagement rate for OE communications


completion rate for decision-support tools (the highest in the business)


of the top ten U.S. benefits consultants use Flimp


Fortune 500 companies choose us, too