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HR & Employee Videos

Unlock the power of video for your HR team

Our production team has helped hundreds of HR teams produce video that works, at scale. Quick turnaround and options for every price point. Enter email below to receive pricing.

Customized explainers

Explainer videos are animated shorts, usually less than three minutes. A great, bite-sized way to share key information for short attention spans.

Chaptered presentations

Presentation videos enable you to provide long-form training content, and chaptering feature allows for navigation and behavioral insights.

Enrollment teasers

Give your employees exactly what they need: enrollment deadlines, qualifying life events, and contact information. Fast and affordable.

Customized explainers are the goldilocks of benefits videos

They perfectly strike the balance between a short teaser video and a longer presentation video. In 2-5 minutes, you can explain key topics, give more details about plan options, or explain internal announcements.

Get inspired by real examples

1. Intro to OE 2024

2. Deadlines and FAQs

3. Your health plan options

4. HMO vs PPO vs HDHP

5. Voluntary benefits

6. How to enroll

7. Who to contact

Chaptered presentation videos are an ideal long-form video format

For those employees that need to dig deep, a long-form presentation is hard to beat. We can help you script and design your benefits-overview presentation. 


Our platform’s chaptering feature allows employees to easily focus on the areas that are important to them, and heatmap tracking data tells you exactly which topics were of most interest.

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Get inspired by real examples

Benefits teaser videos improve benefits literacy and enrollment

Employees have different learning styles, and usually an email and a benefits guide isn't enough. Benefits teasers share the most critical information (deadlines, qualifying events, etc.) in a bite-sized video so they don't get missed.

Budget-friendly video production for every price point

Video production is usually costly and time consuming. Our three video types, along with our approach to customization, means you can get video for a fraction of the cost of other places.

It's as easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .


Meet with your dedicated account manager to kick off the creation of your video script.


Our production team takes your input and uses that to create a script and visual storyboard.


After the storyboard is approved, we'll create your video and get it ready for wide distribution.

Available in every language, even Nepali

We have priority translation and voice talent for just about even language in the world. Don't let langauge barriers hold you back.