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Get a beautifully designed benefits guide

With lots of unique designs available, a beautiful, well-written guide helps employees (and spouses) understand and appreciate your benefit offerings and assists them in making better-informed decisions.

1 Beautiful design library

Rather than starting your benefits guide from scratch, start with a template from our design library.

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Not sure what to say? We have a library of easy-to-understand message points about the most common topics.

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We offer printing and mailing services for posters, snail-mail postcards, flyers, benefits-at-a-glance brochures, and more—in the same style as your benefits guide.

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Three advantages of Flimp benefits guides

Save time and frustration with professional designs, verbiage and message tips, and printed companion materials like postcards and flyers.

Can be ready in as little as three weeks

With Flimp Campaigns, HR teams using our design and content library can prepare benefits guides in as little as three weeks, compared to the usual months.

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Template or fully custom

Whether your benefits guide is simple or complex and regardless of your branding guidelines' flexibility, we have a solution for you. For fully custom needs, we develop a unique design and layout with your input, tailored to your colors, images, and benefits details.

Create a presentation

Planning to give benefits presentations? We can convert your benefits guide into a matching presentation. We can even convert your presentation into a video with professional narration.

Do even more with Flimp

It doesn't end with benefits guides—we offer decision-support tools, methods to connect with your employees across every channel, and more.

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