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Virtual Benefits Fairs

A better benefits fair for your team

The traditional benefits fair is a one-time event that, frankly, a lot of employees don’t even like. Would they even go if there wasn’t free swag?


Our Benefits Showcases allow HR teams to still centralize their benefits options and show the whole picture, but in an online version that’s always available to current employees and new hires alike. 

1 Available all year long

Virtual Benefits Fairs are better because employees and their families can access them anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Employees find it frustrating to track down that one PDF from that one email. But centralization gives your team one place to access everything.

A big problem for HR teams is that employees simply don't know what benefits are available to them. A Virtual Benefits Fair fixes that, without asking the employee to digest a long benefits guide.

Three advantages of our Virtual Benefits Fairs

The standard benefits fair is like running on a treadmill: it's long, boring, and you feel a little icky afterwards. Virtual fairs give your HR team all of the upsides with none of the downsides.

Only the best parts of a benefits fair

Benefits fairs are great at introducing new benefits, reinforcing the value of existing benefits, reminding employees about enrollment deadlines, and providing a forum where employees can get their questions answered and receive benefits-plan guidance. 


But is a benefits fair the only—or even the best—way to do those things? Our Benefits Showcases help you achieve these same benefits, while removing awkward high-pressure sales conversations and fleeting access. 


The easiest to implement in the industry

Unlike a lot of the “blank slate” virtual solutions in the marketplace, HR teams using our Benefits Showcase only need to spend a few hours start to finish.


Our team will help you craft your messaging, design your site, and launch. We’ll also show you how to get your benefits providers to provide you with a lot of the content.

On-demand access across timeframes and time zones

No matter where your employees live, or when they want to research their benefits, the Benefits Showcase is there. It’s there when employees want to choose their benefits, but also when they want to use them. 


Not just for benefits, use it for recruiting, onboarding, and more

The Benefits Showcase is a great alternative to benefits fairs. But a lot of our customers use the same employee-microsite approach to improve recruitment, onboarding, retention, and offboarding. 

Do even more with Flimp

It doesn't end with Virtual Benefits Fairs. Good benefits campaigns have a mix of content format and channels.

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