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Onboarding Employees in the Height of Summer Vacation Season

June 23, 2024

summer employee onboardingSummer is underway and for a lot of businesses, it is also slow season! With slow season comes more time to revamp your brand message and bring on new employees for a fresh perspective. Whether it be new college grads or someone changing careers or direction, employee onboarding in the summer season can present opportunities for both parties.

If your business doesn’t experience the slow time during the warmer months, maybe it is time to reevaluate the employees you currently have and determine if you need extra hands for major projects coming up. College grads especially are looking for any experience they can get, and they can offer new concepts and input to your seasoned team. Someone who is changing careers or jobs will have the workforce expertise but are also still mold-able since this may be new to them.

When it comes to the process of employee onboarding, you must keep these three things in mind to integrate new staff members properly:

  1. Be clear about how your schedule will be during the summer months as opposed to the rest of the year (if there is any difference). Will it be the normal 8-5? Or 7-3?
  2. Be clear about duties and upcoming projects that they will be assisting with during this season and if it will carry on to the rest of the seasons as well. Will they be working on season specific projects? Or are they general?
  3. Be clear on vacation time / days off / sick days for employees (if applicable) also any office days off for holidays. Will they be able to take time off during the summer or do they have to be employed for 6 months or a year first?

make training easier with benefits presentation videos

Using visual content is a great way for new employees to get these questions answered. Digital postcards can be a great reminder about upcoming projects, work events, vacations and holidays. Also, employee onboarding and new-hire video training is an effective way to show the brand culture and what to expect. During the summer vacation season, keeping employees’ attention at work, and not at the beach, can be a difficult task. With the help of these interactive communications you can:

  • Organize office outings or team bonding events that will get your employees out of the office and enjoying the fresh air
  • Hold performance contests that allow employees to work towards a certain goal to receive a day off, lunch of their choice or choosing of the next office outing
  • Offer and promote outdoor fitness activities during lunch breaks to revitalize employees’ creativity and productivity

It is important, especially during the summer, that your focus on work/life balance is heightened as a company. You want your employees fully charged, feeling creative and excited to go to work, even when they’d rather be spending their time in the sun. New hires are going to come into a new job during the summer hoping they won’t have to sacrifice all their free time, so make sure you give flexible scheduling a chance as well. Instead of the typical 9 to 5 day, allow the employee to choose to come in earlier or later and base it on how quickly and efficiently they get their work done.

Employee onboarding is all about showing that new person everyday life in your business. You want to leave them with a bad taste in their mouth after the first summer day. Make sure you are clear about your summer schedule, your vacation or time off policies and upcoming projects. Use visual communications resources like our digital postcards and video training to portray the company culture and promote well-being during the summer months. All these things will help attract the right candidates so your business can continue thriving twelve months out of every year.

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