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Introducing Flimp 360: Supercharge Your Benefits

June 23, 2024

Human Resources can sometimes feel like the loneliest department in the world.

You work day and night to assemble a comprehensive, innovative benefits package. Your company invests millions (in some cases, hundreds of millions) to administer those benefits. And yet, many — if not most — employees don’t seem to realize certain benefits even exist. And, even when they do, employees don’t understand how to use their benefits properly.

When open enrollment comes around, employees make poor choices without bothering to learn about the alternatives. All too frequently, employees will leave your company in search of better benefits — without realizing you already offer the exact options they want.

It would be great if employees came to you with questions about their benefits, but of course, they don’t.

Sometimes it’s because your HR team lacks the people to meet with every employee one on one. More often, your employees don’t have any questions; they don’t know what they don’t know.


The upshot of all this is waste:

Wasted money

Wasted money on benefits your employees never use

Wasted time

Wasted time on fruitless benefits communication

Wasted talent

Wasted talent defecting to your competitors

Where Is the Disconnect?

Why don’t your organization’s employees appreciate or understand their benefits? Think about it from an employee’s perspective.

Benefits communications typically occur shortly before open enrollment. Employees have just a few weeks to pour through plan documents, compare coverage and pricing, get up to speed on new offerings, and make decisions with far-reaching consequences.

Who has time or energy for all that?

Benefits are like taxes. They involve lots of confusing acronyms and arcane terminology, they come once a year, and most people would do anything just to get it over with.

But, while no one enjoys doing their taxes, many of us do look forward to spending our refunds. So, every year before April 15, we take the time to understand every possible deduction. More importantly, an entire industry of tax-preparation experts, software, and websites has evolved to make tax preparation a breeze.

If only there were similar tools to help your employees learn about, love, and confidently choose their benefits. Now there are.

We’re proud to introduce Flimp 360, everything your HR department needs to educate, enroll, and engage your employees in your benefits program.

Intrigued? Learn more about Flimp 360 on our Flimp 360 Overview Page →

The Three Pillars of Flimp 360

As the name implies, we built Flimp 360 to help HR teams tackle the issues that prevent employees from selecting and fully using the best-fitting plans from every angle. Towards that end, Flimp 360 is supported by three pillars:

Decision Support

A decision-support tool guides your employees to smarter health plan decisions

Benefits Comms

Multi-channel comms make sure your message gets through to employees

Employee Videos

Engaging educational videos from our library or custom-made just for your organization

Our Decision-Support Tool

What is it?

Flimp 360 includes two decision-support tools designed to help employees make quick and informed benefits choices:

How does it help?

The typical employee spends just 18 minutes on benefits enrollment. Flimp 360 makes those minutes count.

How is it different?

Most decision-support tools try to convince employees to spend more time than they want by using avatars and fancy animation. They bog employees down by requiring them to input exhaustic medical history. 

Our tools respect your employees’ time. Users can get to their plan recommendations in less than five minutes.

PLANselect leverages a database of 200+ million claimants to deliver recommendations within minutes, from any device, in English and Spanish. BENEFITchoice uses powerful proprietary algorithms to make personalized benefits recommendations and provide product information.

The combined power of these two tools provides the fastest and most objective experience in the industry. Engagement rates are four-times higher than some of the alternatives.

Multi-Channel Benefit Communications Material

What is it?

Flimp 360 empowers HR professionals with a range of compelling visual and explanatory communications assets designed to motivate, educate, and engage employees year-round. Content and tools include:

  • Digital Postcards
  • Benefit microsites
  • Benefit guides
  • Print materials/QR codes
  • Text messaging

How does it help?

With remote work becoming the norm and teams spread out across the country, in-person meetings can no longer reliably reach employees. Emails often go unread, rapidly buried within overwhelming inboxes.

Our communications resources cut through the noise to deliver actionable information to employees in attractive, digestible formats. Whether your employees work at home, in the field, or in the office, your messaging will get through. Our Digital Postcards alone see a 72% engagement rate during open enrollment campaigns.

How is it different?

Other pre-made communications assets tend to be bland, generic, or irrelevant to your employee population. Flimp 360, on the other hand, is like adding a marketing pro to your HR team — a benefits whiz who can design beautiful and engaging content-driven communications that speak to your employees throughout the year.

Engaging Educational Videos

What is it?

Our HR Benefits Video Library currently contains over 75 titles (available in English and Spanish) covering a variety of up-to-date HR and benefits topics.

If that’s not enough, we offer several video-customization options through Flimp 360:

  • Presentation videos for in-depth benefits overviews and employee training. We start with a customizable slide template; add your branding, animations, and professional voice narration; and convert it to video with chaptered navigation for easy viewing.
  • Explainer videos customized to align with your brand, culture, and message. 

How does it help?

Video is one of the most effective methods for reaching today’s distributed and distracted workforce. Video aids information retention and is simply more fun to consume than heavy blocks of text. We produce our videos to be mobile friendly so that your employees can access them on their own schedule with any device they prefer.

How is it different?

The Flimp 360 video production team has video creation down to a science, making updating your videos easy and cost effective. We can help you rapidly deploy high-quality, engaging employee videos with a minimum of stress and effort.

All our videos include tracking, hosting, multiple distribution options, and project management. 

Flimp 360 Is Your Benefits Companion

It should be clear to you by now that Flimp 360 isn’t just another collection of one-size-fits-all tools and templates that you have to adapt your messaging and workflow to, rather than the other way around. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into any HR workflow to supplement your initiatives.

Every component of Flimp 360 can be customized to your team’s precise needs, regardless of your organization’s size, industry, or budget. We want to learn how you do things and how you want to improve — and we will step in with Flimp 360 to fill the gaps.

That benefits package, into which you and your team poured so much blood, sweat, and tears, Flimp 360 will supercharge it, making all your hard work worthwhile.

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